German Taijiquan Open 26th of October 2013

German Taijiquan Open 2013

Over 150 competitors plus audience participated in the second part Taijiquan German Open (GTO). On the 26th of October the biggest German Taijiquan Tournament took place. Participants from more than 10 countries came to the Center for university sports in Hanover to compete in the Chinese martial art of Taijiquan in the two disciplines of push hands and form practice.
The Taijiquan and Qigong Network Germany (TQN) acts as the patron for the event which was organized by Taiji Europe, the Chen-style Taijiquan Network Germany (CTND) for pushhands and the Tai Chi Chuan Federation Rhein-Wupper, which arranged the forms competition.
Congratulations to all participants and many thanks to all helpers and referees - without you it's impossible to organize such a big event!
Thank you!


Hint: cheap accommodation: Naturfreundehaus


1 Formen

One part of the German Taijiquan Open consists of form competitions. Practitioners of all Taiji-styles can present their forms in front of a jury by which they will be judged and rated. Everything on the form competition can be found here.

2 Pushhands

The pushhands competitions present the other part of the German Taijiquan Open. These competitions will be conducted as standing (dingbu) and free step (huobu) matches. Details on the pushhands competition can be found here.